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ALUMO has been leading the way in cotton weaving and shirting fabric production for more than a century. What started as a small, family-owned company has flourished to become the preferred fabric supplier to renowned tailors and clothing brands the world over – always in the same Swiss quality on which ALUMO built its reputation.


Our story

Our story begins back in 1918, when Carl Albrecht founded the yarn factory of the same name with 48 looms. The textile industry infrastructure was already outstanding back then, and Switzerland was at the leading edge of spinning and weaving technology. When the company was handed over to his son in 1927, the company had as many as 84 looms. It survived economic crises and the Second World War with the same lasting strength that sets us apart today. When Robert Morgen joined the business in 1941, it became Albrecht + Morgen, which was subsequently shortened to our current name, ALUMO. Since the 1950s, we have specialised in fine cotton weave for shirts. We’re constantly expanding our field of expertise. With over a century of experience, we maintain our standards for quality and the art of weaving and produce a fine selection of cotton weaves in top Swiss quality for world-renowned tailors and producers.

One million metres of fabric per year

ALUMO relies exclusively on the finest quality cotton to produce more than one million metres of shirting fabric per year for tailors and brands across the globe. And with every single centimetre of our two-ply fabric required to pass our rigorous quality checks, our passion for precision and commitment to excellence remain as unwavering today as when the company started back in 1918.

ALUMO is based in the mountainous region of Appenzell, the home of the Swiss textile industry for the past several centuries. In fact, there are ancient records showing that linen weaving has been practised in Appenzell since ancient times, with cotton gradually replacing it starting in the 18th century. ALUMO continues this long tradition of fabric production in the region by honouring its own heritage and demonstrating its commitment to craftsmanship across every step of the value chain.


years of experience in the art of weaving


countries in which our fabrics are celebrated for their unique properties


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Our history

  • ALUMO_Geschichte_Carl_Albrecht_Senior


    Carl Albrecht founds the Albrecht weaving mill in Grüningen, Switzerland, with an initial 48 looms.

  • ALUMO_Geschichte_Fabrikgebäude_in_Grueningen_Zuerich_1906-1991


    The company continues under the stewardship of Carl Albrecht’s son, Karl. The company now has 84 looms.

  • ALUMO_Geschichte_Inside_the_weawing_mill


    Albrecht is joined by entrepreneur Robert Morgen to create Albrecht & Morgen, the precursor to the modern-day ALUMO.

  • ALUMO_Geschichte_Quality_control_and_mending


    In narrowing its focus to producing only the finest quality cotton shirting fabrics, Albrecht & Morgen begins to distribute its products globally under the slogan “ALUMO, the fine Swiss fabric”.

  • ALUMO_Geschichte_1986_altes_Logo


    Albrecht & Morgen is acquired by the Walser Group in Herisau, resulting in the company changing its name to ALUMO.

  • ALUMO_Geschichte_Cilander_Buegelfreie_Stoffe


    ALUMO enters into a partnership with Cilander, a forward-looking textile finishing company with two centuries of experience, and the weaving mill Weberei Appenzell.

  • ALUMO_Geschichte_Weberei_Aegypten


    Start of production at our partner weaving mill in Egypt; ALUMO becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of Cilander.

  • ALUMO_Gebaeude_Herisau_aussen


    ALUMO moves to Herisau, where the headquarters of Cilander are based.

  • 11ALUMO_Keyvisuals_Finals_April_2023


    ALUMO has cemented its market position for quality shirting fabrics to the extent that it is now a leading brand in its segment.


Our commitment to sustainability

The sustainability of our textiles and our approach is a core aspect of our company values. When it comes to sustainability, just like our fine cotton weaves, only the best will do – with no compromises. Accordingly, we are certified in line with strict STeP by OEKO-TEX® criteria, reaching Level 3 ‘Best Practice’ with our performance. We consistently apply due diligence to ensure we continue to adhere to this complex standard, which applies to all our direct suppliers as well as ourselves. They are also STeP-certified and rated Level 3 ‘Best Practice’. After all, taking responsibility for our operations and our entire supply chain is crucial to us.


“The quality of every fabric we produce is a reflection of our proud history and our Swiss heritage – from a single weaving mill to a leading name for cotton production with global brand awareness.”


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