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  • Supraluxe

    Poplin from NE 120/2 has been known for decades for its incomparably smooth feel, as well as its high durability and quality. Supraluxe is made of extra-long staple cotton with a fibre length of at least 35mm.

    Supraluxe Poplin Two-ply – our bestseller, valued all over the world for its quality and long life

  • Silvano

    Poplin and twill two-ply qualities from NE 140/2 stand for a distinctive fabric appearance with a very comfortable feeling against the skin.

    Silvano Poplin Two-ply with its outstandingly clear fabric appearance

  • Soyella

    Poplin and twill qualities from NE 170/2. The fineness of the yarn allows for uniquely elegant and ingenious designs with a silky soft touch. One gram of this yarn measures 145 metres in length – for a Soyella shirt you need at least 32‘630 meters of two-ply yarn.

    Soyella finest two-ply with unequalled softness and lustre

  • Soyella Duecento

    Silky soft fabrics from NE 200/2 for stunning designs. Exceptional fineness, 1000 metres of NE 200/2 yarn weigh just 5.88 grams.

    Soyella Duecento Two-ply – pure luxury for connoisseurs with its smooth, comfortable wear

  • Swiss Sea Island

    Poplin NE 120/2 woven from the extremely rare and prized Sea Island cotton which is known for its natural silky sheen, as well as durability and wear resistance.

    Sea Island Cotton Two-ply – made from rare cotton from the British West Indies

  • Voile Fantasia

    Airy voile from NE 100/2 with 80-90 grams per square metre gives a comfortable summery feel and optimal breathability.

    Voile Fantasia Two-ply – light and airy, a traditional article of the Swiss weaving industry

  • Plissé

    Two-ply plissé from NE 100/2 blends top weaving artistry with wearing comfort, thanks to the combination with light and airy voile qualities.

    Plissé – sophisticated tuxedo elegance combined with high-grade voile quality

  • Superior

    Durable extra-long staple two-ply quality from NE 100/2 with a weight of 110 grams per square metre provides comfort throughout the year. A gram of this yarn measures 85 metres in length.

    Superior – the poplin two-ply classic for every day

  • Cashmerello

    Consisting of 85% cotton and 15% pure cashmere. The 135 grams per square metre will pamper you in the cold weather with their ideal warmth and luxurious feeling.

    Cashmerello – luxurious cashmere feeling

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Our Values

About us


Our own story dates back to 1918, when Carl Albrecht founded a weaving mill of the same name with 48 looms. The textile industry enjoyed an excellent infrastructure even then, with Switzerland ranked amongst the pioneers in spinning and weaving technology. When Carl Albrecht handed the business over to his son in 1927, the company already had 84 looms and – with that same reliability that still distinguishes us today – successfully overcame periods of economic crisis and the Second World War. When Robert Morgen joined the company in 1941, the name was changed to Albrecht + Morgen, which was later abbreviated to the name we bear today: Alumo. Since the 1950s, we have been specialised in the finest cotton fabrics for shirts and have been continually developing our expertise. Now, with a hundred years of experience, we cherish our commitment to quality and the art of textile manufacture, producing an exquisite selection of the finest cotton fabrics – all made to the highest standards of Swiss quality and destined for the world’s most renowned bespoke tailors and garment manufacturers.


We treasure our tradition and are carrying on the heritage of our craft. After all, it has successfully brought us to where we are today.

Our machines also incorporate the processes of the art of weaving that have been passed down to us and which, together with the yarn composition and our finishing techniques, are the secret to our unique quality.

Production process

To achieve our quality, which is valued all over the world, we keep hold of all the threads and carry out the whole production process – from the design phase to finishing the fabric in our own hands. After carefully selecting extra-long staple cotton, we work it into the finest ply yarn, which we then weave into our unparalleled fabrics.

For top-quality weaving, we guard our detailed knowledge of the fittings and adjustment of the machines as our best-kept secret. With an incomparably soft and natural finish, using clear mountain spring water, we perfect our fabrics to ALUMO quality which is second to none. This is evident in the fineness of the yarn from 100/2 to 240/2. The entire production process corresponds to the world’s strictest environmental and sustainability standards. We commit ourselves and our suppliers to comply with the ZDHC MRSL and the holistic sustainability promise of STeP by OEKO-TEX certification. For a distinctively smooth sensation on the skin.


Since 1918, our ideas and products have been taking shape in the peaceful seclusion of the Swiss mountains. Our high-grade specialisation and cultivation of the art of weaving have turned us into a unique producer of both robust and delicate cotton fabrics of first-class quality. With Swiss values, we pursue our mission to supply our Alumo quality to only the best shirtmakers, and to surpass their high expectations.

If it carries the Alumo label, you know you can expect the highest quality. We concentrate on what is most valuable: uncompromising premium Swiss quality from the design phase to the finished fabric. And everything meets the STeP by OEKO-TEX holistic sustainability promise.

And for our loyal customers, which whom we have a personal relationship, we store a wide variety of designs with us in Appenzell.


For us, the sustainability of our fabrics and our work method is a natural part of our self-image. Because just like our finest cotton fabrics, only the best is good enough for us when it comes to sustainability too – with no room for compromise. Our building blocks for a holistic and effective sustainability promise are a guarantee of the highest quality, an innate motivation to act ethically and a genuine commitment to preserving nature in all its diversity and beauty.

To this end, we are certified according to the strict STeP by OEKO-TEX criteria, have achieved Level 3 – “Best Practice” – with our performance and pursue a consistent due diligence approach for continuous compliance with the complex standard. This applies not only to us, but to all direct suppliers who are also STeP certified and rated Level 3 – “Best Practice”. Because we believe it is crucial to take responsibility for our economic activity and for our entire supply chain.


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How to find us

Rare and much desired, but easy to find. ALUMO is at home right in the middle of one of the most traditional places in Switzerland.

Alumo AG
Zielstrasse 38
9050 Appenzell

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