Code of Conduct


Alumo looks back on a hundred years of company tradition. We see ourselves as MANUFACTURER OF FINEST SWISS COTTON, as a manufacturer of first-class, finest double-twisted fabrics for shirts and blouses in the luxury segment. The good feeling created by wearing our fabrics should inspire people and accompany them confidently through the day.
Our customers appreciate the outstanding quality, excellent service, reliable work in good Swiss tradition as well as the constant striving for optimization and innovation - seldom like a crystal shining brightly in the midst of global mass production.
However, we not only have the highest demands on quality and design, but also on ourselves. This Code of Conduct documents our commitment to our corporate values for the cooperation with our business partners and for the cooperation in our company. Trust, sincerity, respect and integrity are the basis of all our actions. This applies not only to our conduct towards business partners and employees, but also to our dealings with the environment. Which is why we expressly commit ourselves to sustainable production and sustainable products and strive for "Best in Class" status for ourselves and our supply chain.
This Code of Conduct is intended to provide us with guidelines for making the right decisions in our day-to-day operations.

1. Corporate values

Compliance with Laws

For Alumo it goes without saying that we comply with all applicable laws at all times. This applies to all operating locations.
Accordingly, all our employees are bound by local laws and the company's own guidelines. It is therefore essential that all employees are aware of the laws and internal regulations that affect their work.

Honesty, Respect, Fairness and Integrity

All activities of Alumo base on the basic values of partnership cooperation: sincerity, respect, tolerance, fairness and integrity.
This means that Alumo considers compliance with human rights in accordance with the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights to be a matter of course. We respect and protect our employees’ dignity at all times. Accordingly, we do not accept any form of discrimination based on, for example, gender, skin colour, ethnicity, religion, age, disability, membership of a trade union or political party, sexual orientation or marital status. Furthermore, we take all necessary measures to ensure that we are not involved in human rights violations.
Alumo treats all employees equally and assigns tasks that correspond to their abilities. Promotions and payment are based solely on the skills and performance of the employees. Alumo is committed to equal pay for equal work.
Our employees have their roots in different countries and cultures, which makes it even more important that we treat all employees with openness, respect and tolerance. Therefore, we do not want to see the diversity of our workforce as a challenge but as an enrichment. Thus, we allow the resulting diversity of ideas to flow into our creative and innovation process-es.

Management, Responsibility and Leadership

Our managers live these principles in an exemplary manner and inspire the workforce to comply with them, too. They also ensure that all employees are informed about the content of this Code of Conduct.
Furthermore, we expect our managers to lead our employees responsibly and to challenge and promote them according to their strengths, abilities and weaknesses.
We at Alumo believe in the effectiveness of an open feedback and error culture. This means that our managers give open, honest and respectful feedback and also listen to and take feedback from employees seriously. This open dialogue at eye level is the source of our most valuable assets: trust and progress.

2. Ethical business conduct

Responsible, Honest and Reliable

We and our employees act responsibly in dealing with our own resources, as well as with our business partners and their resources.
We maintain honest communication and reliable working relationships with our customers and suppliers.
We purchase only high-quality materials and supply only first-class quality to our customers.

Corruption and Bribery

The cornerstones of our corporate management are honesty, transparency and success through outstanding quality and continuous innovation. We therefore reject all forms of corruption, including extortion and bribery, within our own company and with our business partners and suppliers.
Accordingly, any participation in corrupt practices and activities is strictly prohibited at Alumo. This applies to both the acceptance and the offering of, for example, bribes and other personal advantages.

Gifts, Invitations and Benefits

All employees are prohibited from accepting, being promised or offering, directly or indirectly, gifts, commissions or other advantages of any kind in connection with their work, either directly or indirectly, without the knowledge of the employer.
Invitations from customers or business partners and small gifts of an appropriate scope may be permitted within the framework of a separate regulation of the management.

Free and Fair Competition

Alumo is expressly committed to free and fair competition. We commit ourselves to comply with all antitrust regulations and distance ourselves from any agreements distorting competition, e.g. with regard to prices, quantities, markets or customers.

3. Information and data

Transfer of Information and Knowledge

We commit all our employees to contribute to an efficient and effective transfer of information and knowledge. This applies within teams and across teams.
It is forbidden to manipulate, selectively pass on or withhold information, unless confidentiality requirements or data protection obligations override this rule.
We oblige our employees to maintain a systematic filing system for all information and data relevant to the business in order to be able to provide a vital information flow to customers, business partners and other stakeholders.

Secrecy of Confidential Information and Data

Our employees are obliged to maintain secrecy towards third parties about all facts and information brought to their knowledge through affiliation with Alumo, not to exploit them or use them themselves. This obligation exists for the duration of the employment relationship and after its termination.
The obligation of secrecy and confidentiality applies in particular to all business relations, customer data, contract contents, prices and calculations, production processes, designs, developments, tests and know-how of all kinds, organisational and programming documents, application packages, documents, drawings, photographs, files, correspondence etc., which are to be regarded exclusively as the property of Alumo. This obligation remains valid even if the employee himself produced the documents etc. Any documentation or duplication for external use is prohibited without the explicit written permission of Alumo.

4. Conflicts of interest

We conduct our business based on objective decisions and not on personal interests or feelings. Therefore, we try to avoid conflicts between the interests of Alumo and our personal interests.
Should conflicts of interest nevertheless arise, these must be disclosed promptly and in full to the superior or the management. In this case, the persons concerned withdraw from all decision-making processes connected with the conflict.

5. Respectful collaboration

Respectful Treatment of Employees

It is important to us that a climate of personal respect and trust is guaranteed in our company. The interaction between employees and between employees and their superiors should always be respectful and appreciative.
We therefore promote equal opportunities, protect the privacy of our employees and are committed to freedom of opinion and expression.
We attach great importance to a direct and personal exchange between management and employees.
To ensure the integrity of our employees, all forms of (sexual) harassment, coercion or verbal abuse are prohibited. Intimidating and hostile behaviour and insulting comments of any kind will not be accepted.

Professionalism in Cooperation with Customers and Suppliers

In the cooperation with our customers and suppliers, we focus on a respectful, reliable and responsible business relationship.
Wherever possible, we choose suppliers who adhere to the same principles and policies as we do and work to ensure that they continuously improve their processes. We ask our suppliers to be STeP by OEKO-TEX certified.


At Alumo, we are continuously working on improving transparency within our supply chain and ensure that our business practices are communicated to our customers and other stake-holders in an appropriate manner.

6. Sustainability

Sustainability is a high priority for us. In our implementation, we pursue sustainability along the three overarching dimensions: People - Planet - Profit.


Working Conditions

Employees are the most important resource of our company, so that the safety and promotion of our staff is our top priority.
The working conditions are set out in detail in a separate document including the rules for, e.g., working hours, time recording, holidays, overtime, etc. This document is sent to the employees together with the employment contract and is considered an integral part of the contract.
A fair payment for the work is central for us. We grant at least legal or overall contractual minimum wages according to the specifications at the production site and pay equal wages for equal work. Every employee receives a monthly pay slip including all social security contributions and tax deductions.
Alumo promotes measures for professional qualification and further training for its employees so that they have the best possible expertise, can set and follow trends and shape further developments.
We explicitly encourage our employees to participate in the design, simplification, efficiency and effectiveness of operational procedures and to promote their optimisation. Innovative ideas and suggestions for improvement are always welcome.

Health and Safety

The protection of health as well as the prevention of accidents are top priority for Alumo. We strictly comply with official regulations and requirements of the accident insurance. On joining the company, Alumo trains all employees about internal safety regulations and health protection measures.
Whenever necessary, Alumo provides employees with appropriate protective equipment and protective clothing. The costs are borne by the company.
In addition, it is essential that our employees inform their supervisor immediately if they identify a safety risk, so that Alumo can initiate appropriate measures.

Compliance with International Standards

Alumo undertakes to comply with the core labour standards of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) at all sites:

  • Freedom of association and right to collective bargaining
  • Abolition of forced labour
  • Abolition of child labour
  • Prohibition of discrimination in employment and occupation.

We also undertake to comply with the UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women.


Alumo respects the environment at all business locations and contributes to its protection. The environmental impact of operations is continuously reduced to a minimum.
This includes both a resource saving operating procedure in the sense of efficient use of materials, energy and water, and the avoidance and reduction of production waste and green-house gas emissions.
Through comprehensive sustainability certifications, Alumo allows its own commitment and the obligation to operate responsibly and in a resource-saving manner to be independently verified.
In addition to sustainable production, we also rely on sustainable products made from sustainable plant and animal fibres, such as organic cotton and wool. The authenticity of the sustainability statements is also confirmed at the material level by independent certifications.


We regard sustainability and innovation as the cornerstones of our competitiveness and build our longterm success on these pillars.

7. Applicability

The Code of Conduct applies to all employees, executive bodies and the management of Alumo AG.
Alumo expects all business partners, suppliers and other stake-holders to design their business practices in accordance with the contents of this Code of Conduct.

8. Contact person

This Code of Conduct cannot reflect all the difficult situations that our company and our employees may face. If our employees have any questions or comments about this Code of Conduct, they can contact their direct superior or the CEO of the alba Group.

9. Reaction to violations

Violations of this Code of Conduct must be reported to the direct superior. If there are reasonable grounds to suspect that, the direct superior is directly or indirectly involved in a violation of this Code of Conduct, the matter may be addressed to the next higher superior, the Human Resources Department or directly to the Executive Board.
Alumo investigates all reported violations and takes action if necessary. All alleged violations of this Code of Conduct will be treated confidentially.
Depending on the severity of the violation, sanctions range from a written warning to termination of contract. In addition, a violation of certain provisions of this Code of Conduct may result in legal consequences.

10. Implementation Code of Conduct

Alumo AG makes every reasonable effort to implement this Code of Conduct in all business activities. If breaches with the Code of Conduct occur, we will take remedial action immediately.