Our values

From cotton sourcing to customer care, our corporate values remain at the forefront of everything we do. Building lasting, worthwhile relationships with our partners, customers and suppliers, maintaining and refining our knowledge of fabric production, respecting our roots as a Swiss weaving mill, and delivering a product that cannot be found anywhere else in the market: this is the key to ALUMO’s success both domestically and abroad.

valuable & durable

For over a century, ALUMO has been synonymous with the world of textiles. We see it as an honour and a duty to preserve, protect and develop the precious art of weaving. Quality and durability are our top priority and we are proud to produce a fine selection of cotton weaves in top Swiss quality.


tailored & exclusive

Our fabrics are versatile and variable – and our processes are flexible and made-to-measure. Our multifaceted full-thread weaves are astonishingly refined and each seasonal innovation sets its own specific standards. We target a discerning audience and want all our customers to feel this tangible added value.


personal & pioneering partnerships

Together, we don't just create textiles. We create emotions, memories and values for the world’s most renowned tailors and producers. Our decades of trusting and loyal collaboration make our processes simple. We share this passion and high standards for quality. In a relationship shaped by loyalty and stability, we inspire each other, as we admire their remarkable workmanship.

“Our values aren’t represented by what we say or what we claim – they find their expression through our love of timeless shirt designs, our desire to innovate in the field of textiles, our respect for craftsmanship. This is joined by our dedication to excellent customer service and maintaining partnerships that stay strong and rewarding from one season to the next.”