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Using the highest quality cotton as our raw material, ALUMO produces the finest shirting fabrics from our production site in Switzerland for tailors and brands around the world. ALUMO fabrics are renowned especially for their elegance, durability, softness and premium finish. The quality is so unique, in fact, that some shirtmakers can tell a fabric was made by ALUMO simply by touching it.


Fabric tailored for tailors

The art of weaving is an ancient practice that has been passed down from generation to generation for thousands of years. Every stitch matters, and every thread plays its part in the finished product. With more than a century of industry experience at their fingertips, our master crafters at ALUMO are dedicated to the art of creating sophisticated textiles of unparalleled Swiss quality – in accordance with industry best practices and strict standards.

Every fabric – from Cashmerello to Supraluxe – tells its own story, with a texture, feel and tone that is uniquely ALUMO. And with superb durability and breathability, it is clear why we are a mainstay of leading tailors and brands around the world. We also offer specially engineered products such as our Voyage and stretch fabrics, which remain crease-resistant all day long and are designed to adapt to the contours of the wearer’s body.

Woven with passion, worn with pride

At ALUMO, we manufacture only the finest cotton fabrics using three types of cotton: Giza, an Egyptian extra-long-staple cotton which is longer, stronger and softer than any other type in the segment; Supima, premium durable cotton grown in the US; and Sea Island cotton, an exceptionally soft and silky type of cotton that has been cultivated in the Caribbean for centuries.

All cotton fabrics are produced at our dedicated partner weaving mill, using machines configured exclusively to deliver the Swiss quality standard synonymous with ALUMO. This is why we do not disclose our exact working methods, as our innovative practices and machines – combined with the master craftspeople behind them – are the reason why we have been a pioneering name in the textile industry for so long.


tailors around the world rely on ALUMO cotton fabrics


exclusive collections per year comprising 50+ product groups


of global cotton production meets the ALUMO standard

Our highlights

  • ALUMO_Superior


    The classic fabric choice for a superior shirt with a Ne 100/2 yarn count.

  • ALUMO_Supraluxe


    Our most popular choice among tailors, this ALUMO fabric (Ne 120/2) is elegant, breathable and soft, with a state-of-the-art Swiss finish.

  • ALUMO_Silvano


    Luxurious to the touch and with a high yarn count (Ne 140/2), Silvano cotton fabrics are a fine choice for durable yet elegant shirts.

  • ALUMO_TwillSoprano

    Twill Soprano

    A soft, popular fabric construction with a Ne 120/2 yarn count for robust, hardwearing shirt designs.

  • ALUMO_Soyella-2


    A superfine shirting fabric with a yarn count of Ne 170/2, Soyella is elegant, lightweight and silky smooth.

  • ALUMO_SoyellaDuecento

    Soyella Duecento

    An extra-long staple, extra-fine Ne 200/2 yarn count makes this the fabric of choice for connoisseurs who want a shirt that feels luxurious, yet can handle extensive wear.

  • ALUMO_SwissSeaIsland-1

    Swiss Sea Island

    Made of cotton sourced from the Caribbean, Swiss Sea Island fabric (Ne 120/2) is especially airy for modern, lightweight shirt production.

  • ALUMO_SalvatoreTriplo

    Salvatore Triplo

    Boasting a Ne 160/3 ultrafine cotton yarn count, Salvatore Triplo offers unparalleled softness with a subtle sheen in the fabric.

  • ALUMO_VoilePlissé

    Voile Plissé

    Black tie events demand the utmost elegance and sophistication, which is why there is Voile Plissé: a soft two-ply fabric designed specifically for creating tuxedo shirts.

  • ALUMO_Cashmerello


    Woven from a composite yarn comprising the finest 15% cashmere and 85% cotton, Cashmerello is a luxurious fabric designed for light, breathable shirts worn in cooler temperatures.

  • ALUMO_CashmerelloLight

    Cashmerello Light

    A blend of 85% cotton and 15% cashmere with a Ne 70/1 yarn count for an extremely lightweight fabric that is perfect for autumn wardrobes.

  • ALUMO_Flanello


    The finest two-ply cotton yarn with a lightly brushed finish that feels soft and warm, making Flanello ideal for a winter wearing experience.

Our manufacturing process

We look after our world-renowned fabric every stitch of the way, taking care of the entire production process, from design to finishing. Once we have selected the finest threads – from Ne 80/2 to Ne 240/2 – of extra-long-staple cotton, these are weaved into our unique ALUMO textiles in our partner weaving mill. To ensure the highest standard of weaving technology, our specialist knowledge of our machines and their configuration is our best-kept secret. With an unparalleled soft and natural finish made in Switzerland, we perfect our ALUMO fabrics to our peerless standard.


Step 1: Sourcing the cotton

A shirting fabric fit for a tailor is only as soft, strong and long-lasting as the cotton from which it was made. We source our cotton – Supima, Giza and Sea Island – exclusively from plantations in Egypt, the Caribbean and the US, all of which are subject to strict quality and working standards. In fact, only 0.3% of global cotton production meets the exacting ALUMO standard. We avoid monocultures, support farmer livelihoods and strive to minimise our environmental impact.

Step 2: Weaving at the mill

After the fine two-ply yarn is dyed to the desired tone and consistency, the yarn is then woven into fabric. The weaving process requires great skill and experience to achieve the desired results. For this, we rely on the artistry and technical mastery of our experts, who apply the full spectrum of their design knowledge towards creating the complete range of ALUMO quality shirting fabrics.

“Weaving cotton fabrics is not a mechanical process; it is an art form. Only by understanding the material from fibre to finish is it possible to craft greatness.”


Step 3: Finishing at the highest level

The cotton is finished at our parent company, Cilander, in Herisau, Switzerland. As a firm steeped in tradition, Cilander brings two hundred years of expertise to the table when it comes to finishing textiles at the highest level of quality. Along with the tone and lustre, the fabrics are finished to feel silky soft on the skin. Additional features include stretch- or wrinkle-resistant finishing, as embodied by our Voyage collection.

Step 4: Global delivery

After finishing, ALUMO fabrics are subject to a final inspection to ensure they meet our technical parameters and visual standards. Once the quality of the fabric has been tested, it is ready to be packaged and delivered from our base in Switzerland to tailors and brands around the world. Our transport and logistics network is designed to ensure our customers receive their quality products as soon as possible.

The value chain is in our hands

Our value chain is our strength, which is why we monitor every single step of the process to ensure the highest quality product that stands the test of time. This starts at the designer’s table and the cotton fields, extends across every step of production and finishing, and incorporates sales, delivery and customer care. In an ever-evolving industry, full transparency, communication and oversight are the key to sustained success and a robust brand image, which is why we strive to further optimise our operations, standards and service quality at all times.


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