We are one of the world's leading producers of the highest quality two-fold cotton shirt fabrics for discerning shirt makers. In our collection you will find shirtings made from only the highest quality raw cotton, in yarn counts from 100/2 x 100/2 up to the very finest 200/2 x 200/2.

The ALUMO range consists of:

     ●  POPELINE

     ●  TWILL

     ●  VOILE

     ●  PLISSE


     ●  OXFORD

     ●  CASHMERELLO (Cotton and cashmere)

     ●  LANELLA (Cotton and wool)


The most important characteristics of our quality products are as follows:

     ●  Skinfriendly (only a minimun amount of chemicals
         is used in the finishing process)

     ●  Excellent breathing properties

     ●  Extremely comfortable to wear

     ●  Silky touch

     ●  Our products are certificated with the Oeko-Tex Standard 100